My Electrical Romance

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My Electrical Romance on Jogja Game Fest 2013

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On 7th – 9th Februari we have a chance to join the Jogja Game Fest 2013 (JGF2013) at STIMIK Amikom Yogyakarta that held by Amikom Game Dev(AGD), one of  game developer from Yogyakarta. And here are little documentations about the event.



Day #1. Talkshow session, our co-founder, Syauqy alongside with Chacham Game Studio.



The visitor testing our game, “Throw Me To The Right Place”.



With our college seniors from Amagine Interactive.



With fellow developers from Amagine Interactive, AGD, and Qajoo.




photosource : event crew of JGF13, Qajoo and Harian TI Indonesia.


Author: Syauqy Aziz

Height : 5 feet 7 inches Weight : 123 Pounds

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